About us

About  Between Planets

Between Planets is creative interactive exhibition of high quality, family entertainment and themed productions. Between The Planets is Specializing in the Entertainment area and has in-built emotional exhibitions, exhibitions in transforming educational, interactive and fun experiences, new and existing exhibitions traveling the world. Each year, thousands of people visit our exhibitions. As exhibitions ranging from science, technology, history and art experiences geared for family entertainment, including success stories such as:

World of Dinosaurs
Giants of the Ice Age
Human Evolution
3D Magic Art
T-Rex Exhibition
Torture Machine
Mega Bugs
Terracotta Warriors
and many more.

A Between Planets opera vários locais na Península ibérica com as suas exposições tanto como promotor ou fornecedor a diversas entidades.



With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry to Between Planets and the General Director and together with his team, whose mission is to entertain audiences of all ages and social classes worldwide through the creation of interactive entertainment , art, emotions, technology and imagination.


Partners and Networks

Between The Planets is an active member of networks of museums entertainment partners distintos.Vários Between Planets are associated with some of world renown such as example the Congress Centre of the Customs Port, that the year 2014 was awarded the best meeting center and conferences in Europe by the magazine Business Destinations.