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Exhibition “World of Dinosaurs” – Camara Municipal site of the Battle

Exhibition “World of Dinosaurs” – Camara Municipal site of the Battle

“O Mundo dos Dinossauros” no Centro de Exposições

Thursday, 05 April 2012

After the success of The World of Dinossauros®“, the renowned exhibition now comes the Exhibition Centre of Battle Exposalão.
The show, of great scientific and educational value, covers fundamental concepts in Animal daevolução the Earth over hundreds of millions of years.

Presented in an entertaining and educational way, the exhibition “The World of Dinossauros®“, will be open from March 31 to June 3, a region that, it will be recalled, has great paleontological wealth, with findings of great scientific importance.

That exhibition offers visitors the possibility of being able to see up close, the great reptiles of the Jurassic Park” as the Velociraptors, Oviraptor and fearsome TRex, or other more friendly and huge like the Brachiosaurus.

Source: City Hall of BatalhaExposição site World of Dinosaurs Camara Municipal site of the Battle



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