Ice rinks


Natural Ice Rinks

A WORLD ICE offers you in the form of rental, ski natural ice edge, which allow installation in any season, with any size and anywhere from Portugal.Madeira, Azores and Europe. If you want to know more details about our ice rinks, select the component about which you want more information menu.


Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic ice is a sliding panel, high density ethylene poíimero, specially designed for use in skating which has a color similar to ice. Our panels measuring 120 × 120 m and weigh about 15 kgs.Os panels are packed together in a simple and fast way, which is an advantage in time to mount a synthetic ice rink.The advantages of synthetic ice are quite significant among which:

No need for fridge machine chiller” for the production of ice.
There is no spending power consumption.
Can use at any time of the year, summer and winter.
It is more practical for young skaters.
Low maintenance overhead.

All advantages, including synthetic ice rink maintains a 90% slip respect to natural ice, and 100%. the cable a few hours of synthetic ice skating.
Assembly Floor Synthetic Ice, is carried out over a floor leveler to panels of synthetic ice are not in contact with the floor of the installation site and better absorption if dropped skaters.



Ice Ramps

Our ramps ice adapt to almost all places and spaces.
Floor fridge:
It is composed of rubber tubes EPDF very fexíveis and allows the assembly of ramps ice
The dimensions up to 35 x3m.

Contact us for any other size.