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Portimão welcomes largest dinosaur exhibition in Europe

Portimão welcomes largest dinosaur exhibition in Europe

The municipality of Portimão proposes a trip back in time to the world of dinosaurs. It is the largest dinosaur exhibition in Europe in the Portimao Arena, and will be open until September 9.

Open daily from 17h00 to 24h00 until September 9, The World of Dinosaursis a playful show that also includes a didactic character, where you can see, up close, the great reptiles of the Jurassic Park” as the fearsome Velociraptors , Oviraptor and TRex, or other more friendly and huge animals such as Brachiosaurus.

Amid scenes of forests, woodlands and deserts proposes a trip that will transport the imagination of even thousands of years ago when these magnificent creatures ruled the planet earth, being present full-scale figures, some of which react with movement and sound to the presence of people, which will make a more dynamic, interactive and surprising visit by its realism.

The exhibition consists of six distinct areas: the Film Studio, which will be projected a short documentary about the life and extinction of the dinosaurs, and from there it will be a return to the past; Fossils in the gallery, after passing through a landscape of paleontological excavation and by a laboratory, the visitor will be able to see hundreds of representative pieces of bones, teeth, claws and a lot of other elements including three complete dinosaur skeletons, including a skeleton of 10 meters of a Yangchuanossauro; Exhibition of Dinosaurs in with scenarios that recreate forests, deserts, river edges, waterfalls and areas of dense vegetation, combine the elements and wake up the senses; followed by a workshop of Paleontology / Child Space, near the end, where visitors are invited to act as paleontologists and discover the remains of some specimens, while children can let their imagination; Shop the, end of the exhibition, provides the opportunity to acquire a souvenir of this fantastic tour, continuing at home and at school to play and learn the history of the planet with the dinosaurs.

Tickets cost seven euros for adults, five euros for children from three to 11 years inclusive, 20 euros for a family (two adults and three children under 11 years), or four euros for educational establishments (minimum 15 students).


Source: Jornal do Algarve


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September 30th, 2014

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